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Beta testing Fuse 1.1.0 beta 2
« dnia: 2013.04.29, 10:25:48 »
na WoS, Fred zachęca do testowania nowego Fuse.

Steev, może warto z nimi pogadać w sprawie FDD3000, czy uważasz że jeszcze za wcześnie?

Poniżej copy&paste postu Freda:

"Hello everyone,
We are still preparing Fuse for a new release soon and would appreciate help in testing that all the new features and all the old features are working properly.

The key new features are:

    Spectranet emulation
    SpecDrum emulation
    Disciple emulation
    Movie recording to FMF files
    SpeccyBoot emulation
    GTK+ 3 Support
    Many Win32 enhancements
    POK file support
    PZX file read support
    Plus lots of bug fixes

The fixes since the last release are:

    Split SNET block into SNET, SNEF and SNER so that flash could theoretically be saved separately - Spectranet SZX files from the previous beta are now invalid
    Correct video timing for +2A/+3 etc machines
    Implement Spectranet's "suppress NMI" flipflop
    Fix inverted DISCiPLE printer busy logic
    Empty sound buffer when emulation is paused using a shortcut key on Win32 UI (thanks, Lee Tonks)
    Add DISCiPLE ROM with EPSON printer support
    Correct restore of pentagon 1024 memory ports from snapshots
    Spectranet emulation bugfixes
    Make sure that SE RAM variables are initialised before they are referenced
    Add separate switch to enable ZX Printer emulation
    Fix SE writing dock and exrom pages to snapshots
    Update SE ROMs to v4.04
    Reset machine when significant interfaces are connected/disconnected
    Fix in-memory disk image becoming corrupted after saving the disk file
    Update to v1.38 of the +3e ROMs (thanks, Guesser)
    Fix loading of EDSK files with redundant sector images
    Many manual updates
    Add support for storing ZX Printer state in SZX files
    Allow up to 15 joystick buttons to be defined to accommodate e.g. XBox 360 ABXY button use
    Support setting late timings from SZX snapshots
    Support the binutils gold linker.
    Minor bugfixes


    Print flag byte (thanks, Ivan Shmakov).
    Include read and computed checksum (thanks, Ivan Shmakov).
    Fix incomplete byte warning (thanks, Ivan Shmakov).


    Force mpeg4 video encoder for youtube profile and don't force AAC audio encoder for ipod profile.
    Fix a crash when converting PCM stereo samples to mono.
    Fix the build on Debian stable and fix a crash when encoding H.264
    Fix a crash when input file does not exist
    Support ffmpeg 1.0.1 API
    Improve addition of annotation field to au format files

If you'd like to help you can find the second beta binaries for various systems at:

Debian (and hopefully Ubuntu):

There's packages for Debian 6 ("squeeze") and 7 ("wheezy"). Wheezy
packages use GTK+ 3, Squeeze uses GTK+ 2.

You need to install libspectrum8, fuse-emulator-common and either
fuse-emulator-gtk or fuse-emulator-sdl.

Fuse (zipped)
sha1sum: b2b30ac3e81740969e044361611f1c99ac1cdc28

Fuse (setup)
sha1sum: 6f025b6d73490bd16c222930c89d99d77e84f13e

Fuse-utils (zipped)
sha1sum: 27b778b19e4292cea13c701d1801373390ad5a82

Mac OS X:

Mac specific changes are:

    Support OS X 10.7
    Movie recording file selection should be for writing rather than reading (thanks, deKay)
    Fix fullscreen modes (thanks, Adam Meath)
    Don't poll for joystick axes that do not exist to avoid going into a loop when exiting the pref pane with non-existent joystick axes selected
    Add documentation of External sound interfaces, add more hyperlinks (thanks, Paul van der Laan).

Source code to build for other platforms:


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Odp: Beta testing Fuse 1.1.0 beta 2
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 2013.04.29, 10:32:51 »
IMHO dużo za wcześnie.
Wciąż jeszcze zdarzają się niespodzianki.
Machines should work. People should think.