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SAM COUPE palette and ZX Spectrum


I am ZX and SAM COUPE user. Hardware of SAM is not so hard and architecture is similar as on ZX48. Sam Coupe can work as classic ZX48 if original 32kB rom is replaced with 48 rom (with very small patch - set colour palette, and memory page). At hardware level is SAM COUPE compatible with ZX Spectrum 48, only contain next features, graphic modes, faster CPU and big memory.

Theotericaly is possible make new external device with SAM COUPE colour palette for real ZX Spectrum 128. Connection can be easy - interface with connector to ZX bus and RGB output. We can recolored original ZX games very very easy (with OUT command from zx basic before start game). SAM COUPE palette is limited with 128 colors, but it's enough for our ZX computers :)

ZX games with support this palette can be used on SAM COUPE (backward compatibility). This is best way than ULA PLUS palette... ;-)


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