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Pojawiła się przygodówka tekstowa The Dragnet Case. Jest to poprawiona wersja gry sprzed lat. Dostępne wersje 48k (tylko tekst) oraz 128k (tekst + okazjonalne obrazki).


Nowa gra GENIMEDES - link w opisie.


Edit: I jeszcze CHEMI CHAOS


Poprawiona i rozbudowana wersja "Treasure Island Dizzy" czyli drugiej częsci jajogłowca.
   — Speed performance improved.
    — You now start the game with 3 lives.
    — To make the lives are worth adding, ‘The Rubber Snorkle’ will become a permanent fixture to the inventory when it reaches the top of the list, leaving you able to only pick up 2 items.
    — Some graphics and colours have changed in some locations.
    — Over 18 new rooms added.
    — Some Coins and Items have been relocated.
    — Over 7 new items added.
    — Some scrolls now give you new information.
    — In 128k mode, ingame music can now be switched on or off by pressing M – Just like on the C64 version.
    — In 128k mode, the game should no longer crash upon completing the game.
    — The game is better coloured, clashing is reduced.
    — Added several lives.
    — Added Dizzy restore points.
    — Graphics speed is accelerated by several times, the game is synchronised with frame scan if possible. Everything has become faster and smoother.
    — Added +18 screens.
    — Added +7 items and some other graphics.
    — Some old objects are better drawn.
    — The story has been expanded.
    — Added additional sounds.
    — Russian translation made.
    — Fixed uneven borders of drop-down scrolls.
    — Fixed scores.
    — Added turning off music on the ‘M‘ key.
    — Fixed a large number of graphical conflicts and glitches.
    — Fixed a large number of internal errors, including those that caused the game to reset or crash.


Author : Gabriele Amore " Gabam "

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo94Z-qQSrI

Najnowsza rewizja gry (na dzień 2023.02.12) w załączniku

Super Bomberman 2 Remix, gra płatna 3 EUR.




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