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I hope that nobody would mind if I post some ZX-Art graphics updates here.

Pixeljoint.com competition "Zarblay Xemplok" (2011) images have been added. Thanks to diver4d, they can be now viewed on a real hardware (ZX Evolution - a modern clone of ZX Spectrum with advanced graphics capabilities).

I would like to ask: what notable Polish ZX Spectrum artists have there been? Is ZX-Art missing anybody?
If you know about any missing images, authors, parties, games - please let me know.

I like both from above.
Last one not so much. :)

There are much more in that competition. Most of these works use standard 16 colors of ZX Spectrum, 1 color for 1 pixel without color clashes, so this is why they can be watched only on ZX Spectrum clones with advanced gfx capabilities.

CaT (-Man):
looks great and really nice "3 eyes" graphics :)


--- Cytat: CaT (-Man) w 2014.12.21, 11:52:27 ---looks great and really nice "3 eyes" graphics :)

--- Koniec cytatu ---
I agree! Pixel Joint has some really experienced authors taking part in such small compos.

By the way, is this your gallery?


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