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Basically I'm going to check whether switching screen number in #7ffd port should do the trick for the hires as well. This might depend on Fuse hires implementation really, but let's see.

Judging by source code, it looks like fuse for windows should be developed and recompiled to support such combination. Anyway, there is Zesarux which supports the separate combinations even for each file. I'll give it a try.

And it worked like a charm, thank you, case is solved   8)

I've made a proof of concept image in this mode. It sure flickers as hell :)

As with every Gigascreen image, a flickering can be reduced with flickering-interlacing trick, similar to multicolor, where screen pages are switched on every row, not once in a frame.

Ładny obrazek. :)

A tak na marginesie to czy ktoś kojarzy ile wyprodukowano Timexa 2048 i/lub 2068?


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