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azesmbog: Jakbyś mógł napisać coś więcej na temat tego SDOSa byłbym wdzięczny.

SDOS is for various 8-bit computers.
It works well on several ex-USSR computers, as well as on the Yugoslav GALAKSIA and on the more common TRS-80
Works in the iron version on fine logic, and in the FPGA and in the emulator (for debugging)
Now here in the emulator is being debugged, if it will normally load and run the files - then you can try to transfer to the FPGA and launch the JA port on the ZX Uno, I hope to have the owners here.
In the current view, the directory with the SD reads, the files are loaded, but the downloaded files cannot be started yet. It is necessary to deal with the format of files, well, or convert them, or maybe someone will tell you)

SDOS looks interesting, but it does not work with the real JACE hardware.

While of course, with the real equipment does not work.
Now the goal is to launch and make it work correctly in FPGA. If it works, I think, if you wish, it’s not a very big problem to make it in the “iron” version for real.
Galaksija is the same ancient computer, and at one time he also did not know about the existence of SD-cards. as TRS-80
but I repeat - while the main goal is an FPGA clone and another emulator for JA
Good and correct emulators are always needed?))


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