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@o0Nosferatu0: you have schematic, PCB design and PCBs. So, you could trace all connections on the PCB with multimeter and check them against the schematic. Anyway, my markups (in green) on PCB desing rev 1 attached. I hope they would help.

Hi, thank you very much. I will give it a try tonight when i get home from work and report back.
Thanks so much

Hi, the jumpers are needed or not?

In my mind, yes, they are. Please have a look at photos there:

and at YouTube there:

BTW Pear explained the purpose of these jumpers in the post there: https://www.speccy.pl/forum/index.php?topic=627.msg25653#msg25653

--- Cytuj ---Pamięć EPROM może mieć pojemność od 4 KB (2732) do 32 KB (27256). Wybór typu pamięci zworkami.
--- Koniec cytatu ---

--- Cytuj ---EPROM memory can be in range from 4 KB (2732) to 32 KB (27256). The memory type can be selected with jumpers.
--- Koniec cytatu ---

Hi, after a long time i tested the card and finally it's working. I can now use my ZX Spectrum and Timex's again with FDD3000.

Is there a way to put various Rom's in 1 eeprom and add a switch to change which one to use - ie 2048 / 2068 / Stavi / Test Rom?

If anyone could help, much appreciated.

Best regards and thank you for your help.
Pedro Torres


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