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Ti-Of-TTL v1 by Pear BOM List

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Pear, can you please tell me what are those corrections on the back of the card? There's a wire , a resistor and a Tantalum cap??? Can you tell me the values?

Best regards,
Pedro Torres

No answer from Pear, tested the card and i'ts NOT Working.

Boots with Red Border and white lines with squares on Paper.

Made the mods on the back of the card with 1k resistor , cut trace and add wire. Also added a 47nf Tantalum. Front of the card has a small wire instead of the 1k Resistor. No joy

Someone please help , if possible.

Best regards,
Pedro Torres

So it seems to me that you have a very old version of the pcb, which was a test version.
As far as I know, and I know the creator of this project well, only a few people had this version of pcb. Later versions were already free of the bugs that your pcb has.
Recently it has been a known practice that people search for production interface files, order a specific batch, and then sell them on Ebay or SellMyRetro.
These people hope to make a quick profit, but offer no help to those who buy such tiles from them. You may have been scammed in this way by a dishonest seller.
Could you please write how and where you came into possession of this pcb version?

Hi, the card schematic was taken from the forum and Pear itself sent me the BOM for it. Any help for making it work is appreciated. I'm not going to sell any of these, it's for my own use as i've 3 FDD3000 in need of interfaces.

I know, but did you get the pcb from Pear as well ?
If so, according to the schematic attached above, with the corrections made, everything should work.
I have all versions of the Ti-of-TTL that Pear developed and everything works for me.
Of course I also had the pcb from the project author. Besides, there are no tantalum capacitors there, just ordinary 100nF or 47nF.


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