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Odp: DRAM/SRAM tester
« Odpowiedź #45 dnia: 2020.10.28, 18:21:40 »
A small update:


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Odp: DRAM/SRAM tester
« Odpowiedź #46 dnia: 2021.01.02, 09:46:37 »

I forgot to announce the new firmware update here:

Almost a month after the release of firmware v0.14, I am happy to announce a new update. In v.15 all changes from the beta versions are available and a few other additions. The logic tests in particular have been greatly expanded and many could also be checked with real chips.

=== 1 ===

As in every firmware update, new memory chips have been implemented:
- The MK4332 is another very special DRAM that is similar to the TMS4132 (a chip with the organization of 2x 16k x 1).
- ZIP-20 64k x 4 and ZIP-16 256k x 1 can be tested.

There are a couple of fixes:
- The CY7C150 can now be tested.
- A turn on the address lines of the 7488/188/288 has been fixed. Now these bipolar ROMs can also be read out.

=== 2 ===

Lots of logic chips have been added:
- 7436, 51, LS51, 53, H53, 54, LS54, 63, 70, 83, 87, 95, L95, 98, 101, 192, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 110, 111, 115, 116, 118, 159, 184, 185, 196, 388, 563, 518, 519, 564, 580, 620, 621, 622, 623, 638, 639, 689, 740, 741, 744, 804, C901, C901, C902, 4054, 4055, 4056, 4086, 4504,4929, 4930, 4931, 49700, 49701, 49702, 49703, 49704, 49705, 49713, 49714, 75494, 80C95, 80C97, 80C98, 88C29, 88C30

And a couple of logic chips have been corrected:
- 7492, 165, 193, 273, 283

Another menu item now contains tests for non-logic chips. Various 7-segment displays and dot matrix displays can currently be tested with this.

=== 3 ===

The number of self-defined SRAMs and DRAMs has been increased to three components each (and a small display error for chips >64k was corrected).

Not without reason: The tester supports pretty much all relevant chips. Now there are a few less important chips left, but I don't have them myself and these should be checked before I implement them. The definitions can be downloaded from the firmware website, so far these are the following chips:
- 74C930, 6518 (1k x 1)
- 74LS216, 74LS316 (64 x 4)
- 74LS217, 74LS317 (64 x 4)
- 74LS218, 74LS318 (32 x 8)
- A6173081, HY638100, IS63C1024 (128k x 8)
- AS5C2008 (256k x 8)
- AS6C4008, P4C1048, F7447APC (512k x 8)
- GTE 3539 (256 x 8)
- HM6503H (2k x 1)
- HM6503L (2k x 1)
- HM6533 (1k x 4)
- HM6561 (256 x 4)
- P4C107 (1024k x 1)
- P4C163 (8k x 9)
- TC5516, LC3516 (2k x 2)
Some definitions have already been tested successfully (see status line in the file).

The definitions can be read into one of the six slots (three each for SRAMs and DRAMs) and the chip can then be tested.
If you have the opportunity: Please make sure to test and give feedback. I would also be very happy to get a sample of these chips and to include it in my test suite.

=== 4 ===

Further changes:
- The self-test has been improved so that shorts with neighboring pins are now recognized.
- There was an error in the error handling of the "March-U" test, which shouldn't be visible.
- It is possible to switch the pull-ups for (P)ROMs/EPROMs on and off separately. Since lots of bipolar ROMs use Open Collector Outputs, they should normally be switched on.
- The writing speed on an SD memory card has been increased (the SPI is now addressed in a dedicated mode).

=== 5 ===

A bigger topic is still the revision of the logic tests. Even if the tests are comparable (or even more detailed) with those of a TL-866 or
other testers, it does not mean that they cannot be improved. I have therefore cleaned up the entire database and expanded a number of tests and partially changed them.

Due to the high number, this is relatively tedious and I have unfortunately not all chips available for testing. The summary table was extended with a traffic light scheme:

green: I checked this test with a component.
yellow (with version number): This Test was checked by a user with a component in the firmware mentioned.
red: This test has not yet been checked with any real module.

I would appreciate any feedback from successfully tested chips or incorrectly tested chips in order to complete or correct them.
I would also be happy to receive samples of the yellow/red marked chip so that I can verify the tests myself after an update.

A few bipolar chips that require more than 4-5mA as input current cannot be tested directly. A separate chapter has been added to the manual for this purpose. If you want to use the Retro Chip Tester mainly for testing TTL components, you should think about the change described there.

=== 6 ===

The manuals have also been updated and can be downloaded from my website.
Many Thanks.